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Be part of a social platform made specifically for the vegan community. Whether you're a lifelong vegan or are just getting started: share your story, get support and encouragement, and find out where to go next on your journey.

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What we will launch with

We're launching WithSocial with the bare minimum in place. We want to create an experience that is specific to the needs of our community, so feedback from fellow vegans will dictate our direction. Get involved.

What we can build together

We are building a platform to unite us. As vegans, we have a lot of great resources but finding out about them is hard. We aim to provide a place where people can share their stories, links, and advice to help others. We need to get organised.

The animals need us.

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Following users can be an easier way to find friends. Share your thoughts and make connections.

Join and create groups Soon

If you like being part of a group or want to get into direct activism, join a group.

Create, attend, and check-in to events Soon

Gone to a place you want to post about? Use your location to check-in. Just want to create an event? Do it.

View and create businesses Soon

Have a business that's vegan? Great stuff. Add it to our platform and advertise it!

Encrypted communication Soon

Organise secret events without leaving the platform, all encrypted.

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